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BAY AREA LADYFEST ~ All Day Workshops at Empress Vintage

“Nature and Self Care Wherever You Go” by Courtney Leung 1-1:45pm  
Being out in nature is one of my self care practices. When I got busy with school and work, I had less time to be outside, so I brought nature inside. In this workshop let's talk about self-care strategies we practice and make a tiny terrarium to take home!


“Pussy, the Seminar: Creating Safe Space Dialogue about our Most Sacred & Controversial Body Part” by Tarita Thomas 2-3pm

This workshop and seminar stimulates the sharing of experiences: the good, the bad, the fat, and the ugly. Be inspired. We will teach and learn together how to better care for our bodies, minds, and spirits and go on to educate others in our lives. There are very few spaces women/trans/queer folks can go to ask questions and receive answers to questions we do not even know we have. Empower yourself and enhance your relationship with your most sacred and controversial body part! Come learn; come share.

“Bitch Session” by HellenMae Fitzgerald 3-4pm
We will explore (in an open forum discussion) the terms that define sex and gender in our society. I would like to focus on (but not limit the discussion to) derogatory terms used in everyday language that reference women or women's body parts. Attendees can share (if they want to) their own experience with words such as bitch, whore, slut, cunt, faggot etc. and explore the impact such terms have on us as individuals and society at large.