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Tarot Readings with Mary Bean Evans of Spirit Speak Tarot

  • Empress Vintage 1757 Alcatraz Avenue Berkeley, CA, 94703 United States (map)

JOIN US this SUNDAY at Empress Vintage for Tarot readings from Mary's very own decks!

From the Artist

The making of the Spirit Speak Tarot Deck started as an experiment, to use artistic expression to further my own relationship with tarot. Studying for a few years before I started working on Spirit Speak, I wanted to take the vast and mysterious wisdom that is that tarot and to develop a more personal relationship with it, to make it my own. I felt that my most used decks were in a language of symbols that were well understood many centuries before me, but didn’t always click with me. As a teacher, I encourage my students most of all to have authority over their interpretations of the cards, to use their own compass, their own intuition first, before consulting a book or guide. We can all tap into this ancient knowledge because it is deeply in our bones, in our stars, beginner or expert, that’s what Spirit Speak taught me. This deck of cards is how my understanding of these archetypes translated through my thoughts and my hands and it blesses me everyday that others have been able to use it as a tool to come closer to their own truth.


Vessel is my new baby! A bright and whimsical oracle deck consisting of 35 cards. The name comes from the idea that our heart is a vessel, containing our deepest of feelings. That’s what these cards represent, feelings and emotions that past through us and call for our attention. The tarot has 78 cards which can take time to become familiar with, each card in the Vessel deck has simple themes that we can all relate to right away, such as; love, healing, light, and, communication. I like to use these cards in addition to tarot or by themselves in a simple one or three card reading. I have found that they make a great compliment to the Spirit Speak deck :)

Mary is leaving town at the end of this month ~ so this is your last chance to get a reading from her!  Sign up via to ensure a spot!