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Yoni Journeying

February 29th, 2016 ~ 3hr workshop ~ 6-9pm ~ Price:$25 ~ Please bring materials: yoni eggs, pen, journal  

We are hosting this workshop to educate women on the health benefits of using yoni eggs. Tapping into the metaphysical properties of yoni eggs allows us to clear karma, soul ties, yoni trauma, negative body image, etc., and to promote yoni care and wellness. This workshop allows us to gather women in a sacred communion of yoni worship and healing.

Brooke Doaks is a Reiki Practitioner, Healing Artist, Activist and Founding Curator of Goddessflow Presents based in Oakland, Ca. She studied under Reiki and Tantra Guru Yvonne Nieves RMT. She is currently hosting a monthly New Moon workshop at the Naming Gallery and was a featured guest host of the Show-Up Series lead by Jennifer Williams. Follow her blog and visit her website for more awareness. 

Guests pre purchase the eggs online at using my promo code BROOKE11 for a 15% off discount. This is the founding brand of Yoni eggs. 

Breakdown of timing within the workshop:  30 min discussion on yoni eggs 30 min  guided meditation 2 hr facilitated discussion

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