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Womb Wisdom ~ Connecting to the Nourishment of the Great Mother

  • Empress Vintage 1757 Alcatraz Ave. Berkeley, CA 94703 (map)

Womb Wisdom ~ Connecting to the Nourishment of the Great Mother

Thursday February 18th 7-9:30pm at Empress Vintage ~ $35 per person ~ sign up via

The Earth Mother holds deep wisdom and nourishment ~ she is the source of all that sustains us, all that gives us life on this planet. Yet there is mass disconnection from this source of life, and many of us are ungrounded in the swirl and busyness of this modern world we live in. Grounding ourselves into our bodies and the earth, reconnecting to our blood, our wombs, our ancestry, are radical acts of decolonization. From this rooted place we can tap into true nourishment to feel connected and whole. We may begin to birth the fullness of ourselves, our dreams and our creative potential. In this workshop we will ground and connect to the deep nourishment of the earth through our wombs. We will learn womb massage for daily self~care and rituals to deeply nourish and care for our womb centers. 

This workshop is open to all who identify as a woman or who have a womb

Themes of the workshop: grounding, rooting, embodiment, nourishment & sacraments, womb wisdom, blood mysteries, mother earth

This workshop will include:

~ womb grounding meditation, creating a connection to the womb of Gaia

~ learn grounding, rooting and why it’s so important

~ ways to connect to our moon blood & the earth through our cycle

~ womb massage

~ rituals to deeply nourish and care for the yoni

Abigail is passion about empowering embodied feminine wisdom through the creative cauldron of the womb, working to reclaim our connection to the earth and our unique creative gifts. She is a medicine woman working with Reiki, free~flowing movement, divine feminine embodiment, plants allies, and diet & lifestyle change to help bring more healing, balance and vitality to our beings. She offers moon cycle education, womb awareness and healing, hormonal balancing, and counseling. Abigail is also an artist and weaver, infusing matter with the magical creative spirit of life.