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Trunk Show with Altar Jewelry

Lilla Cory Warren’s work employs ancient metalsmithing techniques, keeping a distance from the more modern processes which separate the artist from the work. Every piece is hand-formed, hand-fabricated, hand-hammered, and is made using the greenest practices possible- including avoiding using electricity by hand sanding and filing for most of the finish work. She recycles metal herself when possible and only orders stock metals from refineries who recycle metal as well. Stones are ethically sourced whenever possible, and natural crystals are greatly preferred to cut or treated stones, as gems in their crystalline structure impart more of their magical qualities to the wearer, both energetically and visually. 

"I was born on a beautiful island in the northeast, on the autumn equinox, under an eclipse, to parents with minds open. I was a shy, creative child, and grew up hearing that I was an artist. The only thing for me to do was figure out which of the arts would steal my heart. I was also drawn to magic, trying to make my own, wishing it were “real”. From the time I moved to California it became unavoidably clear: magic is real, and it is all around us. The power of intention is here for us to harness. These paths led me to the imaginative ground I stand on today: working to breathe life into jewelry, talismans and amulets, and ceremonial objects for people like myself, who love ceremony and who adorn themselves with jewelries which act like ingredients in a medicinal blend of herbs. I have been making jewelry since I took my first metalsmithing class as a freshman at Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, in 2007, and have been selling my own jewelry since I graduated with a BFA in 2010. I make a line of jewelry to sell to stores, and many one of a kind pieces as well, but my favorite area of work is the custom project. It is the most satisfying puzzle to receive a request for some specific purpose or stone, or intention, both in the visual design process, and the energetic realm as well." ~Lilla Cory Warren