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Runes For Divination

 $25-35 Sliding scale, 

Join us for an exploration of the ancient Elder Futhark Runes of Norse magical tradition, and learn how you can integrate them into your esoteric practices! Geared towards those who read tarot or another method of divination, We will approach the individual rune meanings, the powers they possess for "sending" energy in a magical fashion, and what it means when they appear in a spread. A refresher for those who are acquainted with this system, a primer for anyone new, and those wishing to enhance your current cartomancy practice. This will also be laying the groundwork for future rune classes, by covering the basics of the Futhark, and the proper layout of a 3 rune spread. Taught by Janine Tyto Hagal, of Black Earth Botanica; a traveling botanicals shop that incorporates rune applications into herbal formulas, as well as daily operative magic tools.