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Wheel of Fortune ~ Tarot Salon

Join us for this FREE event hosted by The Tarot Woman and Lady Shadow Rabbit!  In our Tarot salon, we invite experienced readers to work together in discussing the card THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE.  2017 is a Wheel of Fortune + Magician year in the Tarot.  We will be giving each other readings so bring your cards!

Picking back up with our regular tarot readers' workshop salon, this month we will focus on the (TWO!) cards of the year: The Wheel of Fortune and The Magician. (2+0+1+7=10=1)
The Wheel represents the cycles of time, wherein posts of power, oppression, stagnation, and innovation are eternally revolving. Sometimes the Wheel seems stuck for generations, old paradigms of ignorance and passé notions appearing to last unbearably long, causing us to lose hope. In a long forgotten chasm, The Wheel's handle rusts in place...
BUT THEN....along comes a curious traveler, their presence mysterious and electrifying, a satchel of tools gleaming at their waist. The MAGICIAN has arrived!!! With precise, charismatic grandeur, their arms fly out of their dark and iridescent cape. One finger points to the star-filled galaxies overhead, one points adjacently to the glittering stones and rustling leaves beneath. "As Above, So Below!" cries the magician, and a bolt of lightning strikes their skyward fingertip, illuminating their entire body and shooting out of the lower finger, into the earth. The chasm once again sparks, tingles, and sings with potential. The Magician now reaches for the handle of the Wheel...and with the force of the cosmos, pulls it down. The Wheel of Fortune is spinning once again, and nothing will ever be the same.


Free and open to Moderate - Advanced tarot readers, bring any decks you'd like to read with, notebooks for jotting ideas, and any magickal mojo you'd like to put on the "Magician in the Wheel" altar as you claim your own power within the massive shifts of the Wheel in motion. Closing guided meditation at @empress_vintage. An awesome note- once again, the Chinese Zodiac perfectly aligns with the tarot card of the year. The Fire Rooster is calling...a new day has arrived.