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MOTHER DRUM Workshop in The Empress Garden

Mother Drum Teaching & Session  ~  Sunday, April 9, 2-4 p.m.

Led by Earthen Moon (Jamie Allen & Alison Holmes)

Empress Vintage, 1757 Alcatraz Avenue, Berkeley, CA

$15-30 sliding scale; no one turned away for lack of funds

Every beat of a drum echoes the beat of a heart and has the power to take us back to the first sound we heard, in the womb – our mother’s own heartbeat. The drumbeat can take us on many powerful journeys when we slow down, breathe and listen with our whole selves.

A Mother Drum (sometimes called a Council or People’s Drum) is big enough for several people to sit around and play together simultaneously. Playing a Mother Drum with a group of people is a centering and unifying experience.

Our Mother Drum comes from the Ojibwe people of northern Michigan and is made of Cedar and Buffalo calf. We knew immediately that this drum was a powerful healing tool for women and dedicated it to be a women’s only drum (no worries, fellows, we have plenty of hand drums to share if you want to join us in drumming).

It is a passion of ours to share the sacred medicine (healing properties/message) of drumming. Jamie is Cherokee so we make and play Native American style drums, but we also share what we have learned about drums and drumming throughout many cultures since the beginning of humanity. We teach what we have learned from our elders and peers including drum etiquette, respect, how to care for a drum, how to approach and play a drum (especially a Mother Drum), and to share songs that we have learned on our journey. Interacting with a Mother Drum requires respect and reverence and is also a lot of FUN!

Kindly note that this is NOT a typical ‘drum circle in the park’; you’re welcome to bring your own drum, shakers and rattles, but we ask that you follow along with our drumming techniques.

Jamie Allen & Alison Holmes of Earthen Moon are full time wanderers/wonderers, teachers/students and seekers/seers. They travel the country with their 4 dogs in search of beauty in all its forms. To learn more about their offerings, you can find them online:; Facebook: Earthen Moon: Medicine Tools for Your Journey; Twitter:@EarthenMoon; and Instagram: Earthen_Moon