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Vintage, Tea & Tarot in the Empress Garden featuring Star Sight Tarot

JOIN US on Saturday, 12pm-4pm!  We will be serving Niuka Tea and having a big sale in the garden!  Plus Tarot readings by Star Sight Tarot!  Can't wait to see you there!

I use the tarot as a transformative tool for discernment, practical advice, and empowerment. I've been reading tarot for over 10 years and consider myself to be of the "new generation" of tarot readers who do not claim to be psychic, but instead help clients to make their own choices and come to their own conclusions about their life paths through the mediating assistance of the tarot and other practices. 

Star sights are measurements taken between a star and the horizon that help travelers to navigate over land and sea. I use the tarot in a similar way - as a navigational tool that helps to keep us on course when we feel we've gone astray.