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Timeless Self * Workshop with Amadia Shadow Rabbit

"In this workshop I'll guide participants thru active exploration of the relationship to & communication with parts of our selves existing across time; utilizing a combination of creative therapy, hypnotherapy, transpersonal psychotherapy, & imaginal conjuring methods.

Beyond our current perceived ages, our psyche is in fact comprised of a very nonlinear complex of perinatal, infant, child, adolescent, adult, & elder psychology, developed at varying stages along our lifetimes. We also carry projected images of our future selves. Our subconscious mind provides a timeless access to these many facets of inner worlds.

I'll share some of the fascinating psychological research done on this topic, more ancient practices of inner journeying, then lead us thru several exercises where we will revisit & communicate withyounger versions of ourself that may hold important information for your present, or may need assistance with healing to enable integration with your current sense of self. We will also experiment with envisioning & contacting our future elder selves, opening to their guidance in the forms of wisdom or foresight that may be useful "North Stars" down our paths."  ~Amadia Shadow Rabbit

Amadia Shadow Rabbit is a southern conjurer, now based in the bay, who's magick practice and craft focus on Communing with Spirits of the Natural World, Dream Work, Creativity and Sacred Drag as Divine Play, Shadow Work, Using Divination and Hypnotherapy to access other realms, gain insight into the forces in our lives, and regain the knowledge of our souls across lifetimes.

She has studied, taught, and practiced tarot and other forms of divination for over a decade.

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