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In this Tarot based workshop we will focus on one of the three cosmic Major Arcana- The Moon. In the Tarot and most occult schools of wisdom, the Moon represents our Mercurial Inner Worlds- often untapped emotional depths, dream worlds, shadow selves moving always in the potent sea of subconscious truth. The Moon represents what is cyclical yet constant in life. The Moon also holds Divine Goddess/ Elder Femme wisdom we all carry within and call on in times of need. The Moon illuminates what is often hidden, calls forth the spirits of darkness to tell their stories upon the velvet carpet of midnight.

We will discuss the role of the archetypal Moon in the tarot, engage in a few workshop exercises, trade Moon based readings, and end in a guided meditation at Empress Vintage. 


FOR MODERATE TO ADVANCED EXPERIENCED TAROT READERS. This event is not an introductory class or to offer readings to the public.

Earlier Event: July 15
Later Event: July 30
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