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Book Lecture & Healing with Karyn Crisis, Author of Italy's Witches & Medicine Women

12pm-2pm in the Empress garden.  Bring layers, we will be outside for the lecture.


Karyn Crisis trained as a platform Medium under an NSAC certified Spiritualist Minister, and she has become sought-after around the world for classes, workshops, private readings and public demonstrations. Her work has taken a turn towards historical recovery focused on reclaiming Ancient Divine Feminine Wisdom received through the Old Ways. Specifically, she was guided to stay in Italy among locals, streghe, healers and herbalists.She walked on the stones of 2,000 year old goddess temples, took mysterious cures, traveled the mountains and into the labyrinthine medieval villages of Italy's witches.  She has published a book telling their stories and revealing connection to a pre-pagan feminine shamanism. You can read about the book, "Italy's Witches and Medicine Women Vol 1" and more at her WEBSITE.